Thinking of coming to Liverpool? Whether you live a bus, train or even plane ride away, you want to leave this amazing city with unforgettable memories and a smile on your face at the very least, right?

Ever thought about doing a tour? A tour you say. No, I don’t mean hopping onto the 10A and see the local piss head sat outside McDonalds or scousers in their pjs, I mean real jaw dropping, historic moments that created the culture of this city.

Liverpool is homed to some of the most unique attractions, musical heritage, galleries and famously warm welcomes. There is just something about this place that is worth loving, you may disagree if you are from the land of ‘Manc’ but we can all agree aside from the slight accent barrier and the understanding of ‘la’ there is a warm heart to this city, something no other has.

Here at The Romans we take pride in helping you get the best possible experience when visiting this incredible city. So, instead of doing the long winded searching yourself for something to do and places to go, why not put some trust in us and try one of these insane tours?

Below is a selection of the 3 best tours to exist in the heart of Liverpool at this very moment.

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(Photo Credit: Liverpool Echo)

 I must admit I’m not one for horror films but there is something so peculiar yet intriguing about the learning of ‘Ghostly’ historic horrors. Highly recommended for those who want to experience something different from the typical standard tour.

There are several tours available including –

Hope Street Shivers

Liverpool’s most famous Historic Ghost Walk’

Guided through the handsome Cathedral Quarter of Hope Street, beginning the journey outside Liverpool’ Dining Rooms.

The Seven Original Streets

Tales of hulking castles and dank airless dungeons, marble facades and sanctuary stones.

Ghost Bust Tour

En route, the thrills chills and secret history of one of the world’s greatest cities await!

Private & Tailored Tours

something different for your family celebrations, birthday parties, corporate and conference events, school trips or Hen & Stag activities

School Tours

Interactive tours, performances and workshops that bring our tantalizing twist on storytelling, chilling tales of history, mystery and folklore into your school.


Not only that but Shiverpool has teamed up with some of the best independent restaurants Liverpool has to offer. Some examples include, Ma Boyle’s and City Wine and Bar Kitchen. Once you have gotten over your fears of Ghosts you can relax and enjoy food and drink at great discounted prices. 

Tickets available here https://www.shiverpool.co.uk/



You’ve heard of a silent disco yeah? If you haven’t it is basically a disco, but everyone wears headphones to listen to the music. If you happen to come across this and don’t have headphones you are just looking at crazy people dancing. Fun though!

Liverpool oozes with musical heritage! As a result, the silent disco has been taken ON TOUR! That’s right you and your friends and family can participate in a roaming riot around the streets of Liverpool. All you need to do is wear the hi-tech headset and away you go! You will never look at Liverpool or yourself the same way again, but you will have those groovy memories to last a lifetime.

The tour happens every Saturday and lasts around 1 hour, something to get you into the party mood before a night out perhaps? or maybe just give you biggest smile going home.

What are you waiting for? Get booking now and practice those iconic dance moves!

Your dance moves are awesome. You just don’t know it yet.


Secure your place now at https://silentadventures.co.uk/liverpool/



This is definitely hands down the most iconic tour in History! Well I might exaggerating but come one, who doesn’t love The Beatles? If you are coming to Liverpool how can you not utter the word ‘Beatles’ unless you are going to the bug museum.

The 2-hour magical mystery tour takes you on an unforgettable experience. You can even see where John, Paul, George and Ringo grew up met and formed the band that took the world by storm and changed history forever.

Some of the iconic stops on the way include –

  • The childhood homes of the band
  • Their Birth places
  • Inspired places to write songs
  • Some of the most important places in Rock and Roll history – Where John met Paul


WAIT THERES MORE! The tour will end at Cavern Club on Mathew St and you will receive free entry into the Club and an exclusive souvenir when you present your ticket to a member of staff!

Now that is worth paying for! Not only an educational and inspirational experience but free entry? I’m on board how about you?


Get your tickets now at  https://www.visitliverpool.com/things-to-do/beatles-magical-mystery-tour-p172251


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