Liverpool has always been an incredibly popular city for hen parties. Whether it’s Popworld, The Blob Shop, Concert Square or Mathew Street, there’s always a weird and wonderful bar that suits your personality. A big heavy session on the ale or a quiet night at an award winning restaurant on the docks, there’s something for everyone. Listed below are seven things we find unique, interesting and brilliant about our wonderful city with a few local quips thrown in for good measure:


renowned for our warmth and friendliness there’s so many things we can offer to our guests that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Our way of conversing, our local tongue, is something that can be quite hard to get your head round at first, so we have listed 5 words below that help you deal with the local lingo:

- Boss: a term of endearment, if you’re dead boss, that means you’ve done well. It’s a positive mate. You’re sound. Take it as a massive compliment.

Heavy: Heavy can mean all sorts, usually it means something that is a shock, but it can also mean something that is boss, it can also mean out of order or quite simply mean you’re heavy, e.g. you’re a proper heavy meff.

Meff - as above. If you’re a meff that means you’re a bit of a ming, for example if a taxi driver overcharges you; that means he’s a meff.

Ming - See above

Barnet - Barnet can mean a crazy haircut or if someone is “off their Barnet” it can also mean they’re a bit loopy and best to avoid!



there are several areas in Liverpool that offer an amazing sample of what the city is like after the sun goes down. The Albert Dock for example has the largest amount of listed buildings in the UK. With plush bars and fancy restaurants it’s a prime spot for footballers and celebrities who just like to have a nice picture for Instagram but not actually go out; we all know the type. We also have our own arena, known locally as the “Echo” arena. It’s recently changed its name to the “M&S Bank Arena” - but if you ask someone where that is, you’ll probably end up at the back of a queue waiting to see a bank teller so just call it the Echo mate, just to be sure.



Liverpool has came along way since The Beatles, who are a band from the 60s, had a few hits and done alright for themselves. However, what people don’t know is that the culture is far spread and much more varied than a lot of people care to know. As well as the legends of the 60s, we also had the nightclub Cream, which was the pinnacle of nightclub life in the early 2000s. People would travel from all over the UK to Cream in the early 2000s and it was the springboard for some of the biggest global names House & Dance music. That tradition lives on through our amazing clubs that are constantly packed, whatever night of the week, you’ll find some of the biggest and best DJs in our city. Or if you fancy a laugh; we also have one of the best comedy clubs in the UK based on Seel Street, at the heart of another of the city’s nightlife hotspots, Hot Water Comedy Club. Compered by resident host and local comedian Paul Smith who has amassed tens of millions of online views with his razor-sharp wit and incredibly sharp put downs. The options are aplenty.


Unforgettable memories- from our award-winning bars, clubs and restaurants, we also have incredibly wacky and fun group activities such as Bubble Football, UV Disco Dodgeball & our purpose built Roman themed activity park open exclusively to Hen & Stag Do’s from April to October.


Food aka Scran, as it’s better known locally. We have some of the best scran places in the North West, a wide range of Indian, Chinese, Local &  other International restaurants which serve a serious range of delicious food. We also have a McDonalds the size of an airport in the city centre, slap bang in the middle of town, for all you food connoisseurs out there.

If your looking for somewhere more classy and instagramable you wont get much better than The Florist on Hardman Street (pictured).


We have belter gaffs in Liverpool mate, gone are the days of shady B&B’s or moody hotels miles away from town. Whether there’s a handful of you in your firm or a small boat load, we can accommodate it all in many of our new luxury apartments that have popped up in the centre of town. One of the most popular spots is The Vault at Signature Living which can hold up to 30 guests, yes you read that correctly mate, 30! Major heads. It also includes a private bar space, dining area, 10 berth Roman Bath, dance floor and a photo booth! You’ll never leave! Well, you will have to at some point like but you won’t want to. Have some serious sitoffs (parties) here!


And last but not least we have our shopping complexes, we have the MetQuarter in town, right by the big Maccies we mentioned earlier, we have the Cavern Walks on the world famous Mathew Street, or there’s always Liverpool One, one of the biggest shopping complexes in the country. Spend your hard earned dough at any of our belter shops or our belter Independent shops, pick yourself up an exclusive Independent Liverpool card from Utility in the city centre to get the best discounts at our best unknown shopping gems. What you waiting for la!


What are you waiting for? Get the girls together and get yourself to Liverpool!

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