Partying, booze, drunken antics and worst of all the dreaded hangover! Some of us survive it better than others… I know I can’t hack it as well as I use to! So, if you are going to have a hangover then why not let it be because of an incredible weekend away, a weekend that you remember?

We all want to create the perfect atmosphere for our Stag do or Hen do, right? Well Hangover Weekends are the perfect company to make this happen. They offer bespoke package weekends for Stag & Hen parties and Group Bookings all over the country, some locations include Manchester, Liverpool and New Castle.

Liverpool? That’s what I was thinking, I mean I may be biased here but Liverpool as a city is pretty incredible!

‘Liverpool the city that inspired the Beatles. Boasting a comprehensive network of bars, pubs and clubs a Liverpool weekend will always satisfy your needs’

The packages offered at Hangover Weekends for both Hens and Stags include variety of great activities, deals and offers, even free entry to some of the best clubs around!

Let’s raise a glass to that!

I will be honest now, some of the weird and wacky names may throw you off course but bear with me, they are worth it! and can be secured for as little as £50 DEPOSIT!

For all you Stags out there, if you want an unforgettable experience to get the lads together there are various packages available!

My top 3 recommendations are….

  1. The Long Island
  2. The Turbo Shandy
  3. The Buttery Nipple

But which one is the best? Hands down it has got to be The Long Island; I mean who doesn’t love the Romans? Competing in a round robin tournament with 8 different games inspired by the Romans bizarre traditions.

A pilgrimage to the UK’s first ever purpose- built Stag activity Park

If it isn’t enough to hit your mates in the face with giant soft weapons, a real-life duel then how about being crowned the winner? I mean who doesn’t love watching their mates fall on their arse, even better you are the one to do it? Oh, and I forgot to mention there’s FREE BEER.


For the Hens, lots of unmissable packages available! Again… some crazy names but so worth it! My top 3 recommendations have got to be…

  1. The Snake Bite
  2. The Skittle Bomb
  3. The Squished Frog

Now ladies, you may act like you’re sophisticated and classy but let’s save that for another day. Who wouldn’t want to be the queen be of Romans?

Not only can you battle it out in 8 crazy games but also take some epic selfies in the 6 Instagram stations around the park and we all love a good selfie! Use the hashtag #theromans to be featured on the Insta page.

Then the important part, BBQ and Gin station, prepping you for that wild Saturday night out on the town! Mines a Pink Gin and lemonade, how about you?


Check out their incredible deals on the below link now! Be in with the chance of securing yourself the weekend of a lifetime.


If you are interested in the above package including The Romans visit them at www.theromans.co.uk