Joe’s Idea

Created by Spartacus Events founder Joe Clarke. This idea wasn’t a lightbulb moment. More of a slow burner that became an obsession.

The idea came about through the many groups of Hen & Stag parties that he hosted. He noticed the bigger groups tended to have a lot more atmosphere and energy.

“One time in particular we had two events on at once – both big groups. So, we actually had a crowd of around 30/40 people watching. Everyone seemed to come together naturally, and the atmosphere was on another level”

The problem was how do you go about recreating this atmosphere. Not all groups are large - some as small as 8 and it’s not every weekend you have two running side by side at the same time.

The solution was to create an event that could host several groups at once. All in the same place.

“I thought of creating a massive games competition. Like the TV Gladiators but rather than one vs one we have 5 v 5 or 10 v 10 in teams.”

This could be classed as the moment when he realised he could really be onto something, and the challenge was then to create something with that format in mind. With the aim of creating something really special.

“I thought if I’m going to do this it has to be completely different than anything out there. I want to create suspense and disbelief. I want people to feel like there somewhere else and get them excited”

Being very interested in history Joe started studying the Romans. This turned out to be the perfect theme for the games.

“The Romans theme has everything. They had gladiators fight to their death in huge coliseums, chariot racing in huge arena’s holding up to 80,000 people and one of their favourite past times was a game called Inducta – which was basically an ancient form of MMA”

With his imagination spiked he went to work on the event

“I thought let’s have them compete in The Emperor's Games. 80 people. 16 teams. With only one winner. I didn’t know it all at this point, but I knew the final was going to be in a mini coliseum. A 1 v 1 battle with a crowd of 78 cheering and screaming on the banks of the coliseum. I could see this in my head and feel the atmosphere and knew there was going to be nothing out there like it”

This all sounds very brutal and ultra-competitive, but it couldn’t be further from truth.

“These games are all roman based but with a twist. They are competitive but equally as funny. This isn’t Tough Mudder, it’s not based on skill or endurance – It’s based on fun. The comedy value is watching your mate with a serious face trying to win a game where they are in a race wearing giant 2ft Gladiator sandals”.

The Romans has plenty more big plans in the pipeline.

“The feedback we have had off the games along has been amazing. But that’s just the start. We have since introduced theatre into the event. Druid Warriors, Gladiators & Roman Soldiers can be seen walking around the park in full character really amplifying the experience further.”

To find out more simply email or fill in the contact form on the website.