A Carnival of Theatre, Fun & Games
The Liverpool Bloggers Event @ The Romans

Saturday April 27th 1.30pm-5.30pm

 The Romans Launch Night at Shankly Hotel Liverpool

Salve, Liverpool Bloggers & Influencers! You may have heard some whispers in Liverpool recently about the impending Invasion of The Romans.

Well, the rumours are true! The Romans will officially rock up onto our shores on Saturday April 27th and to celebrate this monumental occasion the Emperor has instructed us to make you a bonified Roman Citizen and declared a full day of festivities in your honour.

the romans liverpool roman soldier

You will be transported back in time to AD43. The Romans have just conquered Britannia “The Land of Tin” – home of the Tin Heads. They have set up a little outpost in a charming little place called Liverpool  province.

The event is a celebration of Liverpool’s vibrant blogging community. You can expect to see:

• An Orgy of Fun – 8 Crazy Roman Themed Games (optional)
• Capture History – 6 Instagram Stations for Epic Selfies
• Toast to the Gods – Drinks in Juno’s Gin & Beer Garden
• Meet Menacing Gladiators & Fierce Goddesses
• Party Like it’s AD43 – DJ “Bacchus” Live in the Fort

This is the ultimate Bloggers Event and it’s not to be missed. And if all the above hasn’t got you excited enough imagine the possibilities from a Blogging perspective:

• Produce highly engaging content while having fun
• Bonding with your friends in a relaxed & fun environment
• Making new ones
• Growing your bloggers network
• Learning & Sharing with fellow bloggers
• Discussing Collaborations


druid warrior at the romans liverpool

Bloggers of all genres, ages & platforms are welcome to join this one of a kind event. Whether you want to come along solo (there is plenty who are already) or you want to bring along your team or friends. We can accommodate.

Over 25 of the best bloggers & influencers already confirmed. Would like to add your name to the list? e-mail - be quick as there is limited availablity left.