Mini Roman Kids Party, heard of it? Of course, you haven’t because it is brand new and launching this May! So, whether you are a parent, guardian or just someone who needs to organise a kids birthday party, this blog is perfect for you.

So you have the divine delight of organising 50 screaming kids… well maybe not 50 but sure does feel like it when it comes down to the organising and the responsibility. Not to worry, we have you covered.

Let’s dive into AD43, the Romans have invaded “Britannia” and declared themselves in charge.

The new Emperor “crazy” Caligula has banished your child & their friends to a little-known outpost in Liverpool. Their only chance of escape is to form a mini legion and lead a revolt to overthrow the evil emperor Caligula. Can your child and their little army of soldiers win back Liverpool’s freedom?

A brand-new revolutionary concept in children’s parties that combines an amazing journey through history in Roman occupied Britannia with attention-grabbing games & challenges. Your child will enjoy meeting realistic and menacing gladiators as well as fierce goddesses and enjoy 8 specially designed, fun and wacky games. They will be fully immersed in an epic adventure between friends – an adventure they will never forget!

So, what is it they will be doing?


  1. Choose their legion name
  2. Put on their very own Toga
  3. Battle it out in 8 crazy games & challenges
  4. Photos with Gladiators & Goddesses
  5. Final battle in the magnificent Roman Coliseum


Sounds cool right? If that doesn’t persuade you, I can give you 5 reasons why it should be top of your list for party venues.



Kids go crazy for this adventure! Once the invites land the buzz on the playground for this party will be at fever pitch and will instantly make your child the most talked about roman in the province!



Our team are elite soldiers – they take great pride in keeping our little Roman Outpost safe for its citizens. They are all DBS Checked, PL Certified & First Aid Trained.



Our team bonding games develop a cool mind, focus & improve social skills – Your little warrior will be walking back into school with a swagger Julius Cesar would be proud of.


We can keep the kid’s entertained for hours. We take full control. Our Roman-style Gin & Beer garden overlooks the playing area. So, while your little warriors take on the evil emperor you will be able to watch with a nice refreshing cold drink in hand.



A thrilling adventure every kid dream’s about! We transport your little-un into the fascinating world of the Romans where they can walk in the footsteps of Gladiators & Goddesses.


If you have any further questions read below and hopefully, they can be answered.

Is It Right For YOU?

I wish we could help everyone, but we only want to deliver amazing birthday parties and to be able to do that we DO have some limitations!

What's the Age Range?

We tailor what we do so it's 'just right' for the ages and number of children at YOUR party. The age range for our Roman Parties is 7-11 years of age.

How Many Children?

We tailor our kids parties so it's perfect for between 8- 30 children...fewer than 8 isn't enough to create the party atmosphere.

Where is it?

The full address is The Romans, Vesty Road Business Park, Liverpool, L30 1NY and we are nicely tucked away to the rear of Bootle Football Club.

What is the price?

To be completely honest, if you're just looking for the cheapest possible party then we won't be right for you.

We offer A professional 7 days a week support and this is 100% guaranteed to be unforgettable party for your child at a great value price. There are a range of packages but as a guide, pricing normally works out between £10 - £20 per child.


If you are interested in the Mini Roman Parties then head over to https://www.theromans.co.uk/pages/kids-parties & pop your details in the form at bottom of the page and we'll let you know the best options for YOU. No obligation, no pressure, no hard-sell and we're happy to help you out with party planning even if you decide not to book with us!

Alternatively, you can call one of our dedicated party planners on 0151 515 1409.

Availability is LIMITED. This ensure maximum quality, and this allows us to give you our undivided attention. So, get in touch right now for the best possible chance of having the perfect date and time for you!