We all know how difficult being a vegan can be! Let’s face it trying to organise a meal out can be difficult at the best of the times, never mind when you can barely eat anything on the menu. Have you ever had to face the hassle of being in a restaurant and having to constantly find out what is in each meal or reading the menu for too long?

Whether you are a true believer or simply want to keep up to date with current trends, The Romans have you covered! As we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience new and exciting things in life…. most importantly food!

This guide includes the best of the best places to go if you want an unforgettable vegan experience. Forget all the meat eaters, forget the hassle and the true struggle.

Veganism has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Many reasons support peoples choice in becoming this way. Should choosing to adopt this lifestyle really result in the worst meals imaginable? Meals that lack taste or because you simple don’t have any other option? 

What if I told you right here in Liverpool are 3 of the best Vegan places to eat? Don’t believe me? We at The Romans have done all the work for you, simply read below at these unmissable places. It might just be the best food experience you’ve ever had.



This incredible Pub that has completely converted itself to veganism. The entire menu is Vegan! YES…. EVERYTHING IS VEGAN!

Their speciality being Vegan Junk food means you will never go hungry in this place. From burgers to hot dogs to tasty sides and desserts. A gluten free menu is also available with again lots of delicious meals.

Check out the website to see all the amazing food:

Or go and see for yourself at 22 Caledonia Street (corner with Catharine Street) Liverpool L7 7DX.



(Photo Credit: Happycow)

If you are wanting something on the lighter and vegan side, perhaps for lunch or a light tea? This cosy café is perfect for you! This café is 100% vegan!

You can visit this vintage café in style without uttering the ‘M’ word when deciding what to eat. These small meals will get your taste buds going whether its toasties, sandwiches, soup or just a hot drink you are covered.

There is even a kids menu and yummy milkshakes!

You don’t want to miss this! Check out their website at 

or visit for yourself, just on Woolton Street, L25 5JA.



(Photo Credit: PicDove)

Another incredible independent Vegan street food dining experience!

I mean the name quite clearly states the sorts of food available…BURGERS! Who doesn’t love a good burger? Vegans? Well every item on the menu is 100% plant based, meaning you and your fellow vegans can enjoy a blissful experience.

The menu also includes fries, shakes and donuts! Now that’s a meal you can sink your teeth into!

Want to give it a go? Of course you do! Visit them at: 


58 Wood Street, L1 4AQ. 

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