So, you have decided to visit Liverpool. Maybe you’re visiting us at The Romans. Maybe not. Whatever the reason for your visit we want to make your time here as stress free and enjoyable as possible. So, I have decided to compile a quick & honest fact guide from a Liverpool native to give you a local’s perspective of Liverpool. Let’s see how this goes…….




  • You can fly into Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport which is about 8 miles from the City Centre.
  • Another way to fly here is to fly into Manchester Airport or Manny Airport as it’s known in Liverpool. This is around 35 miles from Liverpool City Centre. Bear in mind you’ll be paying about £50/60 in taxi from Manchester Airport and it will take you about 45 mins to get to Liverpool. I know what one I would choose.


  • Liverpool Lime Street – This is the main intercity railway station and is opposite the Liverpool Town Hall which is a really impressive building and one you may one to check out
  • Local rail services are Liverpool Central (round corner from the quirky bold street with lots of boss street food), Liverpool Moorfields & Liverpool James Street (not from the Albert Dock)



The great thing about Liverpool Central is you can pretty much walk the lot of it. But maybe you are venturing further out to see some of Liverpool’s hidden gems or maybe your just lazy like me, then you may want to get a local taxi. We have Hackney carriages here (black London style taxis) or you can try private hire companies. Here are some useful numbers for you below:

  • Com Cabs 0151 298 2222
  • Alpha Taxis 0151 722 8888 (these guys have a rank on Duke Street)
  • Delta Taxis 0151 924 7373  


Have you heard the famous song “Ferry Cross the Mersey”? If not, try your best not to. It’s going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day now.

There is an actual ferry that crosses the Mersey but I’m going to be honest I have no idea where it goes. I do know it goes over the Wirral (the dark side) but apart from that I have no idea. I said it would be a quick and honest guide. I didn’t say it would be any good.



There is so much to do here I wouldn’t be able to mention it all so ill just pick some of my personal favourites (I haven’t mentioned The Beatles here because it seems a little too obvious – there is loads of that on Mathew Street if that’s your thing though).



Of course I was going to pick this wasn’t I? I don’t care it’s staying and at number one no less. Gladiator Battles, Its own Mini Coliseum, Roman Games, Goat Milking Comps (not real goats) & Beer/Gin Garden. Don’t act like you’re not impressed. Get yourself down here and join our growing Roman legion.



(Photo Credit: Virgin Experience Days)

I was going to put Goodison Park on here the home of Everton (my club). But the way we are playing lately I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. A trip to Anfield will certainly guarantee some exciting action for the football fanatic but good luck getting a ticket there. A stadium Tour of either Liverpool Football Club (Anfield) or Everton Football Club (Goodison Park) is well worth a visit.



(Photo Credit: Insider Media)

A tourist hotspot. This place is beautiful on a summer’s day. Lots of really nice restaurants here and is home to the Tate Gallery, Liverpool Museum & Giant Liverpool Ferris wheel. I was just about to recommend the Liverpool Duck Boat a quirky alternative (bus & boat in one) but I remembered last time it drove into the Docks it sank. Maybe give that one a miss.



(Photo Credit: Spartacusbubblesoccer)

Yeah you can get this in other cities, but do they do it with a giant football? No, I didn’t think so. We did this for a staff day out recently with Spartacus Bubble Soccer and was a great laugh.



(Photo Credit: Visit Liverpool)

We always take things for granted that are on our doorstep, don’t we? I have drove past this hundreds of times and it’s an incredible sight but only actually went to see it properly last week for the first time. To quote their website it boasts “The world’s highest and widest Gothic Arches”. It also has the “UK’s largest most magnificent organ” – not sure what that means but sounds impressive doesn’t it? Take it from me this place is great. Go and check it out.



Well I live here don’t I, so I don’t really stay in many hotels in Liverpool. This is supposed to be a personal guide from a local who lives in city isn’t it so I can only write about places I’ve stayed.

I highly recommend The Shankly Hotel. I stayed in here a few months back and it is really impressive. Luxury rooms and to be fair it didn’t cost too much either.

For groups it may be worth checking out Signature Living. They have the best accommodation for groups in the city. They even have a pool in one of the rooms! I’ve been to a few parties in these rooms so I can personally vouch for this place. Maybe one day I will have enough money to hire the room with the pool in it or they will give me it for free for mentioning them in my blog. Worth a go isn’t it!?



Sadly, this is the end. All good things come to an end. Was it any good? Have I missed anything? No. Deffo not. I think this travel blog is going to win awards. I hope you have enjoyed it and I really hope it helps you during your visit to Liverpool.

If you want some more official information like Maps etc then you’re best heading over to the experts at the official Liverpool Tourist board here